Sequretek helps a global Pharmaceutical company in Re-architecturing Data Protection (Backup) Environment

About Customer

The customer is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) primarily in India and the United States. The company offers formulations in various therapeutic areas.

Industry - Pharmaceutical


The customer had de-centralized backup architecture spread across the world. It also had multiple versions of backup software. It was unable to achieve RPO-RTO. It used traditional tape-based backup and had high backup window.


Sequretek re-architected the company’s data environment.
It undertook the following:
- Consolidation of de-centralized backup to centralized backup
- Version consolidation to standard version
- Configuration of the latest features to reduce backup window and achieve RPO - RTO
- Move from traditional tape backup to disk-based backup.


• Improved compliance posture & operational efficiencies through standardization and automation of data protection policies, processes and technologies across all locations through a single tool and service provider
• Decreased IT Risk & Compliance cost to achieve business objectives
• Cost savings: Significant savings on manpower for audit controls, gap analysis and remediation. Improvements in employee efficiency and productivity. Optimization of infrastructure and reducing IT spend
• Advantage of Net-backup capabilities for virtual environment
• Dashboards & trend analysis: Improves your data protection environment posture with evidence trends and dashboards using ops center analytics
• Comprehensive Data Life Cycle Management
• High availability and automation of all data though appropriate architecture and policy setup
• DR drills process – to ensure preparedness during critical situation


- Ensure Regulatory and License Compliance across all locations, with regards to the data protection environment
- Backup window reduced to 6hrs
- 100% restore/recovery across all the location