Sequretek helps a leading Retailer in India improve its security posture and reduce operating costs on its security infrastructure

About Customer

The customer owns and operates hypermarkets and supermarkets panIndia. Seeks to be a one - stop shopping destination for the entire family, meeting all their daily household needs, home utility products, foods, toiletries, beauty products, garments, kitchenware, bed and bath linen, and much more.

Industry - Retail


The customer's need for an outsourced Managed Security Monitoring and Incident Management Service for endpoint and Data Centre Infrastructure was motivated by its obligation to assure consumer data protection and stringent compliance requirements.


• 12x6 information systems monitoring
• An integrated infrastructure to enable enterprise-wide monitoring while keeping granularity to interact site per site
• A qualified incident response team
• Adherence to allocated IT budget
• Security posture monitoring
• Remote intervention service.

Business Challenges

• Costs involved with hiring, training and maintaining the full regiment of human resources required to run a monitoring center
• Complexity in identifying suitable commercial applications to assist in the building of the monitoring service
• Delay of implementation to comply with project and business objectives. Design of a thorough and efficient intervention process for intrusion atiempts and incident management
• Cost control over the infrastructure changes generated by renewed and increasing support costs, material upgrades as well as training to maintain continuous staff competency.


Managed Security Monitoring and Incident Management services:
• Managed Monitoring on system's intrusions
• Monitored Prevention, Detection, Intervention, Quality of Service (QoS), Availability and enforced security policy
• Managed Security Service Provider.

The service offered covers the entire IT infrastructure; both the data centers and endpoint infrastructure. Management services are provided for all security servers covering the various security functions on the DC & Endpoint, Anti-virus, Patch, Identity Management (AD), and Network Infra at Stores.

Monitoring contract began in Sept 2015.


• Lower perimeter risk (4000+ rules optimized / deleted)
• Increased performance (10-30% improvement)
• Improved perimeter compliance.



- Comprehensive security architecture and management
• Network optimization and security
• IT service management and architecture.