Sequretek unveils a new look and launches its flagship endpoint security product – EDPR


Sequretek launches its next-generation endpoint security product – EDPR. The Endpoint Detection Prevention Response (EDPR) aims to plug the gaps of the current Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offering, primarily focused around threat detection. The product is a confluence of extensive threat detection capabilities and protection elements such as patching and application whitelisting. EDPR is the result of over 3.5 years of R&D work in four primary areas – Artificial Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Malware research and Product design and development.


With this launch, Sequretek becomes industry’s only comprehensive endpoint agent delivering Anti-malware, Patching, Application whitelisting, Data leakage and Advanced persistent threat detection, prevention and protection. Sequretek also unveiled our new logo and branding at this event.