Sequretek helps an Indian bank in optimizing its Perimeter Security devices’ performance

About Customer

The customer is a leading Indian banking and financial services company with global operations, headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest banks in India and among the top performing banks globally, with consistent growth above the industry benchmark.

Industry - BFSI


The customer currently offers all banking and financial services to over 50 million consumers and corporates globally. Its IT environment is very complex and consists of inhouse, cloud and mobile applications hosted out of a private cloud environment.
Protecting the organization perimeter with multiple entry and exit points is very crucial for the customer. Due to environment complexity and growing business needs, the organization's firewalls had lots of rules and policies. This had an impact on performance and posed potential security risks. Moreover, it became a compliance challenge to ensure proper perimeter and lateral access through the firewalls.


Sequretek undertook a comprehensive compliance and risk assessment exercise for the customer across all firewalls. Industry and organization's standards were used to identify the gaps. Detailed impact analysis, verification and compliance validation were done to identify and shorlist rules for optimization. .
After cross-verification with logs on the device, false positives were filtered out. Rules disablement and policy optimization exercise were carried out for every firewall. The filtered rules were then disabled and observed for over a month. Atier a month, the rules that did not have any impact were marked for deletion. The entire exercise resulted in higher performance and lower risks for the organization.


• Lower perimeter risk (4000+ rules optimized / deleted)
• Increased performance (10-30% improvement)
• Improved perimeter compliance.


- Comprehensive risk assessment for all enterprise firewalls
- 30%+ optimization for over 10,000 rules
- No downtime impact during the assessment
- Performance improvement (10-30%) on all firewalls.