Transition to a Secure Environment with Sequretek


Sequretek’s AI and ML-powered technology protects your enterprise against all threats, known and unknown. Sequretek is one of the very few companies in India that offers a blend of its own core threat intelligence products along with both on-premise and cloud solutions.

Sequretek’s EDPR (Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response) is a single agent product that brings together up to five diverse endpoint protection and remediation features (EDR, Application Whitelisting, Vulnerability and Configuration Management, Patch Management, Device Control and Data Leakage Prevention).

EDPR scales over large enterprises and in heterogeneous environments . Since detection is the first step in the fight against malware, EDPR incorporates state-of-the-art detection technologies including signature, behaviour, and robust Machine Learning algorithms. With a single management console, EDPR provides unparalleled visibility over the entire infrastructure. Without the need of a daily content update, the task of the security teams is simplified in providing protection to all their assets.

Sequretek’s IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) is the industry’s leading offering for comprehensive access and identity management of employees through their lifecycle within the organisation. IGA enables organisations to provide the right access for the right resources at the right time to the right people.

IGA allows for employees to avail of self-service capabilities for access and authorization. It ensures reduced risk and controlled access to all the organisation assets. IGA offers seamless integration to a variety of applications, whether AD authenticated or non-AD/legacy applications.

With granular, comprehensive dashboards and reports, IGA offers organisations complete visibility over the actions of its workforce.

Sequretek’s MDR (Managed Detection and Response) provides AI-based proactive threat detection, big data security analytics, global threat intelligence, real-time security posture and analysis, comprehensive device support for log integration, netflow analysis, APT, and other advanced threat detection, faster incident mitigation and collaborative breach response, 24×7.

MDR encompasses signature, behavioral and anomaly detection capabilities, forensic investigation tools, big data security analytics and global threat intelligence. MDR achieves superior decision making by integrating various technologies and automating responses for detected threats using a security bot.

MDR uses parallel processing and deep learning of huge data to dig down attack-chain relationship based on user, network and entity behaviour activities throughout the environment from any log source, and gain the ability to respond with immediate corrective actions.