Finance / BFSI

The finance sector describes a complex mesh of different actors who achieve different missions and goals. The players in this are varied.

  • Regulators: RBI, SEBI, IRDA

  • Regulations: BASEL III, SOX, Companies Act 2013, IT Act 2008, PCI-DSS

  • International Regulations: GDPR, NYDFS, Data Privacy Act

  • Banks: National, Regional, Co-operative, Payment Banks

  • Market Infrastructure Institutions: Stock Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Depositories

  • Financial Services: Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses, Non-banking Financial Services, Insurance, Payment Wallets

With a mission to help clients seek or avoid, balance, and profit from financial risks, the financial industry is no stranger to risk management. But today’s IT risks present a complex challenge against a backdrop of rapid change, with organizations continuously working in a Manage - Protect - Respond cycle.

  • Manage
  • Risk & compliance
  • Privacy
  • Protect
  • Data
  • Information
  • Respond
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Incident & Events

Sequretek Solutions

We help our customers with programs and solutions for managing, protecting and responding to these ongoing threats. Our solutions cover the whole spectrum from protecting data to managing information security risk and compliance as well as responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities.


Gap Assessments
Policy Definition
Internal Audits
Awareness Programs


Endpoint Security
Infrastructure Security
Application Security
Security Management Service


VA and PT
Security Operations Center
Cyber Security & Incident Response
Malware Research & Forensics