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Retail & Online Services (R&OS) are among those industries most affected by cyber breaches. With a high volume of personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card information changing hands with every transaction, the R&OS industry is one of the most vulnerable targets of cyber-attacks. The threat is intensified when PII is not adequately protected through the use protection and prevention technology. And as the frequency and severity of attacks and losses mount, regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders are paying ever more attention to R&OS cyber risk control measures.

One of the reasons why R&OS continues to be plagued with cybersecurity challenges is driven by the complex nature of its integrated value chain, which transcends several internal and external boundaries; Its security is driven by the strength of its weakest link. The picture below indicates the how these value chains interact with each other.

Retail Transformation

Sequretek Solutions

We help our customers in understanding the threat landscape and offer solutions that cover the whole spectrum from protecting data to managing information security risk through the extended supply chain as well as responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities.