Transforming with Sequretek

Securing the enterprise cyberspace

Cyber attackers today have reached a new level of ambition: stealing money, disrupting services, even state-sponsored espionage and economic disruption is in their ambit. Enterprise leaders must protect brand assets, data and business-critical information against these challenges, as well as comply with regulatory mandates. Traditional security technologies, architectures and controls are just not enough. It’s time to rethink security.

Sequretek's Approach: Continuous Proactive defence and Post-incident Analysis

Manage Detection & Response (MDR)

Cyber attackers often exploit the weakest link in their complex environment to exploit data breaches and launch cyberattacks. Secure your enterprise cyberspace with intelligent, AI-driven cyber-security service, MDR.

Malware Analysis

Ignorant employees may click unknown links, pop-ups or spam attachments and unleash spying, information stealing or encryption of data. Our malware analysis empowers our customers to better understand the impact of malware and consume security product updates.

Cyber Security Information Response

The threat landscape today underscores the need for both peacetime (regular operations) and wartime (attack and incident time) vigilance. Sequretek works with its customers to create a comprehensive and 360-degree Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) team, akin to a SWAT team. The team has clearly defined functions and deliverables for all scenarios.