Cyber Security Incident Response

Preparing organizations for superior cyberthreat response

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The Challenge: The Perfect Storm of Increased Complexity, Evolving Threats & Lack of Skilled Personnel

In today’s hyper-connected world, most institutions worldwide today are dealing with a perfect storm of three
different pressure points:

  • Increasing exposure to cyber threats, stringent regulatory environment, data security and privacy challenges

  • Integrating, managing and optimizing deployments of several complex technology elements is a significant challenge

  • This problem gets compounded by the lack of availability of skilled security professionals makes the third element of the complex landscape.

Sequretek works with its customers to create a Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) team, akin to a SWAT team. The team would define functions and deliverables both during ‘peacetime’ (regular operations) and ‘wartime’ (attack and incident scenarios) when the need arises. In ‘peacetime’, the team works primarily on housekeeping activities, simulation and preparation for wartime scenarios. Whilst at ‘war’ the emphasis is on response, remediation and root cause analysis. Our team of skilled security professionals have built a complete framework that helps our customers in preparing for this scenario as an extended arm of their Security Operations team.

Our Innovation: The Perfect Combination of People, Process & Tools

Most organizations need professional help in responding to a cyber security incident in a fast, effective manner, be it for all their cyber security response capability or just specialized areas like incident management, incident response, intrusion analysis, malware reverse engineering or forensic investigations; and situational awareness.

Sequretek helps our customers by offering a capability that is a combination of People (qualified consultants), Process (Incident Management) and Tools to handle cybersecurity incidents in a more effective and appropriate manner.

Creating a Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIR) team, akin to a SWAT team, defines functions and deliverables both during ‘peacetime’ (regular operations) and ‘wartime’ (attack and incident scenarios) when the need arises.

This team will be placed within the overall governance and response structure as part of IT Security Risk and Operations departments. It will work closely with Infosec Governance & Operations teams. The team’s reporting lines will be as per the customer’s incident response structure.

Internal Team

Identified from customer’s existing Info-sec operations and governance team who would be the single point of contact on Sequretek’s onsite team.

Expert Team

Security professionals from Sequretek with expertise in incident definition, analysis, forensics and security tools.


Specific security tools around forensics, simulation and incident response, to be identified jointly with the customer.

Global Players

Incident response service from global players who can be contracted for specific number of incidents.