Enterprise Endpoint Security Challenges

Comprehensive endpoint security enablement and management

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Endpoints have become diverse over a period. With BYOD and IOT, the definition of what constitutes an endpoint is also changing. Enterprise customers need to look at threats (outside-in, inside-out) and device vulnerability in entirety. Enterprise endpoints continue to be the most vulnerable and often the last line of defense to prevent attacks. The ever-increasing footprint of point products to detect, protect and respond to cyber-attacks adds to the complexity of securing the enterprise. Each of the point products adds an agent to the endpoint and is often managed independent of the other security technologies present on that endpoint.

Managing these multiple endpoint technologies adds to the complexity of the environment. IT and security teams across organizations want ‘simple to deploy and use’, ‘easy to manage’ product that can work on heterogeneous environments and provide overall security.


Sequretek provides a comprehensive endpoint security enablement and management to ensure that your endpoints are not vulnerable to any kind of attacks - external, internal or non-compliance.

Endpoint Security Architecture

Outside-in and inside-out protection, device protection through patching and encryption, mobile security and device management.

Endpoint Security Operations

24×7 monitoring of endpoint operations, incident management and remediation, and SLA based compliance of patch levels and organization penetration.

End User Security Solutions

Employee privilege management through DPM, privilege identity management solution and multi-factor authentication solution.

Implement, Migrate and Roll-Out

Enterprise AV rollout and migration, endpoint patch solution deployment with built-in workflows and accelerated DLP deployment with preconfigured solutions.

Governance and Reporting

Endpoint policy framework in line with overall organization security policy, organization-wide patch and AV compliance matrix, endpoint vulnerability and incident response.