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The Challenge: A Complex Environment is Only as Strong As Its Weakest Link

Today, the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Modern-day organizations must deal with complex IT environments with integrated value chains, a mobile employee base and massive movement to the cloud. Attackers exploit the weakest link in this complex environment to launch cyber-attacks of varying severity and stealth.

Organizations deploy a myriad of technologies to prevent these attacks and, in case of regulated industries, to remain compliant. There are over 40 different technology components that form part of the security ecosystem covering network, datacentre, cloud, application, email, data and endpoints. While this heterogeneous approach provides the best-of-breed technologies for protecting organizations, it also presents a large challenge to define, collect, collate, interpret, and define actionable intelligence that can help
organizations improve their security posture.

Our Innovation: Cutting-edge Combination of Protection, Prevention, Mitigation and Response

Sequretek’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering is a cutting-edge combination of technology and skills to deliver advanced threat detection, deep threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident mitigation and collaborative breach response on a 24x7 basis. Response capabilities are evolving towards faster reactions once a threat is detected and the ability to disrupt and contain threats is becoming a standard service offering.

MDR is an outsourced service that augments organizations’ existing security infrastructures and addresses threats that can bypass traditional security controls. It also offers threat-hunting services and responses to discovered threats. It is an all-encompassing cyber-security service focused on threat detection and response, making the best use of signature, behavioural and anomaly detection capabilities, along with forensic investigation tools, deep threat analytics and global threat intelligence.

MDR: Enhanced Detection & Response, Beyond Traditional Offerings


Detects unknown and advanced threats hiding within your operations through artificial
intelligence and machine learning.


Automation of the response mechanism using security bots ensures containment of
threats within service level agreements.