Secure Infrastructure

Enabling and managing data center and network security

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Infrastructure (Datacenter & Network) has become complex and fragmented due to rapid growth and acquisitions. A security breach is a serious matter, but most IT leaders are not aware of it even when it happens. With an ever growing enterprise, traditional approaches to infrastructure security are susceptible to data and network attacks more than ever. If your network is not secure, it provides a significant vulnerability to various attacks such as malware, spams, denial-of-service and unauthorized access.


An enterprise-based infrastructure security approach provides tangible reduction in TCO, and enable business to be agile and competitive.

Secure Infrastructure Architecture

Planning, design and segmentation of a secure infrastructure architecture with configuration reviews, mobile and network security.

Firewall Assessment Services

Implementation, administration, migration and consolidation of firewall services by fine-tuning and optimization for performance and compliance.

Advanced Infrastructure Security

Anti-APT planning, implementation and remediation of infrastructure security. Patching and security of a virtualized environment.

Asset & Inventory Management

Asset management, license metering and management. DPM based workflow integration with asset, license and patch Management systems.

Data Discovery & Loss Prevention

Dataflow analysis to know where the data resides and traverses in order to prevent data leaks, inadvertent or by design, from the organization.