Security Strategy and Roadmap

Helping customers define their Enterprise Information Security frameworks

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The first step in any Enterprise Information Security framework is to know what to protect. Attackers will never stop trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities that exist in this framework. As long as weak links exist, you need a process to continuously find and remediate your vulnerabilities. In order to protect and enterprise from evolving IT changes and targeted attacks, the focus needs to shift from protecting everything to protecting data which matters the most - sensitive data, no matter where it is used, stored or transmitted.


Sequretek provides an advisory service - Security Strategy and Roadmap, to assist with the development of comprehensive information security strategies that are effective and manageable, offering maximum return on your security investments while addressing any emerging threats / risks specific to your business operations.

Strategy Development

Develop a comprehensive information security framework for information protection, incident prevention and detection. Incident response based on organization risks and industry best practices.

Security Roadmap

Build a comprehensive roadmap by aligning with industry trends, business dynamics and risk appetites. Includes detailed project plans with ownership, timelines and resource allocation, and a phase wise rollout.