Sequretek EDPR

Endpoint Detection, Protection, Response

AI-based, 6-in-1 Technology for your Endpoints and Servers

Are your endpoints secure?

Enterprises are encountering increasingly costly attacks through endpoint security breaches Secure your endpoints and improve end user productivity with Sequretek EDPR - a comprehensive centrally managed cross platform technology to detect threats, protect against advanced threats and provide end-to- end response mechanism.

Intelligent, Real-time Defence Against Malicious Attacks

Sequretek’s EDPR is an intelligent, easy to manage, simple to deploy and use product that works efficiently in heterogeneous environments. EDPR is the first of its kind in the industry that is an amalgamation of multitude of technologies and has achieved efficiency and sophistication in product design. EDPR provides a real time defense against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, ransomware attacks and any other malicious activities.

EDPR integrates advanced Antivirus, Host Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection, Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Device Control, Application Whitelisting, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Patching into a single product. EDPR is designed and developed with a single agent, single management framework architecture.

Superior Detection

EDPR uses AI and behavior technologies to detect internal and external threats; EDPR employs an emulator for Zero-day and hidden malware detection; Suspicious data is identified using in-memory exploit detection techniques.

Comprehensive Protection

EDPR uses a light weight agent to protect the cyberspace against: ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APT), and data leaks using device and application control without impacting endpoint performance.

Integrated Response

EDPR provides an End-to-End Response mechanism through device control, application control, system patching, data leak prevention. EDPR provides automated actions through a single management console and unified agent.

EDPR Offerings


Customize EDPR to meet your business needs with industry specific functionalities. For more customization & pricing information, mail us at

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