Sequretek IGA

Identity Governance and Administration

End-to-End Employee Access Lifecycle Management for Organizations

Managing identities and access permissions a challenge?

Distributed workforce and distributed applications make access control and identity management a daunting

Provide right access for the right resources at the right time to the right people with Sequretek’s IGA.

IGA: Comprehensive Access & Identity Management Through the Lifecycle of Employees
Sequretek’s IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) product is the industry’s leading offering for
comprehensive access and identity management of employees through their lifecycle with the organisation.

Rights Management

IGA's superior rights management feature ensures airtight access to infrastructure, applications and shared services; as well as endpoint control elements.

Automated Access

This feature allows for employees to avail of self-service capabilities for access and authorization. It ensures reduced risk and controlled access to all the organisation assets.

Reporting Engine

With a Quickview dashboard, certifications report, audit trail and other related reports, the reporting engine ensures all the access data and history is available at the administrators' fingertips.

Application Integration

IGA offers seamless integration to a variety of applications, whether AD authenticated or non-AD/legacy applications.

Inbuilt Connectors

A host of connectors to industry standard applications including MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Office 365 as well as to LDAP and AD directory types ensures connectivity to any email and messaging application deployed within the enterprise.


App-based and hierarchy-based recertification with timely reminders and service management capabilities ensure that no security certificates expire.

IGA Offerings


Customize IGA to meet your business needs with industry specific functionalities. For more customization & pricing information, mail us at

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