Sequretek MDR

Managed Detection & Response

AI-based, Big Data Security with Automated Threat Detection, Analytics and Response

Struggling to keep your enterprise safe from cyber threats?

The digitally connected world brings with it a host of uninvited guests - an exponentially evolving cyber threat

Boost your enterprise cyber security with Sequretek's intelligent, AI driven cyber-security service, MDR.

AI-based Proactive Threat Detection

Sequretek's MDR provides AI based proactive threat detection, big data security analytics, global threat intelligence, real time security posture and analysis, comprehensive device support for log integration, netflow analysis, APT and other advanced threat detection, faster incident mitigation and collaborative breach response, 24x7.

MDR encompasses signature, behavioral and anomaly detection capabilities, forensic investigation tools, big data security analytics and global threat intelligence. MDR achieves superior decision making by integrating various technologies and automating responses for detected threats using security bot.

MDR uses parallel processing and deep learning of huge data to dig down attack-chain relationship based on user, network and entity behaviour activities throughout the environment from any log source and gain the ability to respond with immediate corrective actions.

AI-based Detection

Deep learning is used for correlation and attack identification. This allows MDR to detect APTs and targeted attacks and deploy deception technology to monitor network and endpoint traffic.

Incident Response

With automated, risk-based workflows, predefined templates (asset, attack type and risk classification based) and incident remediation (on call or on site) capabilities, Sequretek's MDR offers the industry's best incident response to attacks.

Proactive Threat Detection

MDR performs 24X7 monitoring for threat detection, and offers root cause analysis as well as threat mitigation and containment capabilities.

Global Threat Intelligence

We gather data from 85+ worldwide sources and integrate them with deep learning data models to provide our customer orgs the best possible threat intelligence.

Big data security analytics

MDR's big data capabilities ensure that security administrators have user and enterprise behaviour analytics, threat analytics and deeply granular reports when needed.

Seamless integration

MDR integrates with a wide range of devices, databases and applications as well as with Sequretek's EDPR product. The integrations happen via plug-n-play connectors.

MDR Offerings


Customize MDR to meet your business needs with industry specific functionalities. For more customization & pricing information, mail us at

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